Campbellton Baptist Church
The men of Godwin's company tried
to defend Campbellton on the
morning of September 2
6, 1864.
Col. A.B. Montgomery
The colonel (seen here at left) was
alerted to
the arrival of Federal
troops in northwestern Jackson
County by a courier ordered to
Marianna by Capt. Godwin.
Roster of Capt. A.R. Godwin's Campbellton Cavalry
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Known Members and Volunteers who served with Godwin's Campbellton
Cavalry on September
26-27, 1864.

It is believed that additional men served with this company during the Battle of Marianna. If you
know of someone not listed here, please contact us by clicking here.
Roster of Godwin's Campbellton Cavalry
Commanding Officer        

Captain Alexander R. Godwin

Enlisted Men

William A. Abercrombie - Captured
George Ball
Samuel Bosworth - Wounded
William Clayton
Cullin Curl - Captured
William Daniel - Captured
Mark Elmore - Captured
T.B. Haywood - Captured
Lamb Spencer (also given as Spencer Lamb)
Willliam Mathews - Wounded and Captured
A.J. McNeal
Charles Tipton
Ezekial Register
J.W. Rouse
Jasper Newton Williams
J.W. Williamson
Captain A.R. Godwin's Campbell Cavalry Company organized at Springfield in northwestern
Jackson County during the
spring and summer of 1864. Based on the pension applications of
individual members, the company seems to have formed prior to Governor John Milton's
Executive Order requiring all of Florida's men not already in the military to form into home guard
companies to defend against expected Union invasions of the state.

Godwin's men met twice weekly at their muster ground for drills and so far as is known brought
their own horses and weapons. There is no indication that they were ever provided with
uniforms, although several members had previously served in other Confederate units and
may have had uniforms from their prior service.
By the time of the Marianna Raid, they were
functioning as part of Captain Wilson W. Poe's battalion, 1st Florida Infantry Reseres (Mountd).

Prior to the Battle of Marianna, the company did perform some service guarding river and creek
crossings. It is noteworthy that Godwin's unit was the first Confederate company to respond to
the threat of Asboth's approaching column. The men, who came from throughout northern and
western Jackson County, skirmished with the Federals as the approached Campbellton and
then joined the cavalry force brought up from Marianna by Colonel A.B. Montgomery. The
y  took
part in the fighting at Hopkins' Branch and then served as cavalry during the Battle of Marianna.
Most of the men broke through to the Chipola River bridge and took part in the defense of that

After the Battle of Marianna, several of Godwin's men went on to serve in the 5th Florida Cavalry.
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