Grave of Dr. Ethelred Philips
A Marianna physician, Philips helped
treat the wounded. His son Charlie
left town with the Federals.
Lieutenant Isaac Adams
Wounded during the battle, Adams
died in Marianna and was buried at
Riverside Cemetery. His remains
have since been removed to
Barrancas National Cemetery in
Roster of the Marianna Home Guard
Roster of the Marianna Home Guard
Grave of Littleton Myrick
A private in Company B, 15th
Confederate Cavalry, Myrick was
killed in the battle and buried at St.
Luke's Cemetery.
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Known Members and Volunteers who served with Norwood's Company
on September 27, 1864

It is believed that additional men volunteered and served with this company during the Battle
of Marianna.
If you know of someone not listed here, please contact us by clicking here.

Commanding Officer        

Captain Jesse J. Norwood

Dr. A.F. Blount, Lieutenant
Christian J. Staley, Lieutenant
Edwin W. Mooring, Adjutant

Members and Volunteers

B.G. Alderman                                        
Isaac Anderson                                     
William E. Anderson        
Lawrence T. Armistead        
Robert Armistead        
J. Austin        
Franklin Baltzell       
Richard Baltzell        
Thomas W. Baltzell        
Henry O. Bassett        
John Blaney        
James H. Brett        
Albert G. Bush        
Allen Henry Bush        
Rev. Richard Bush        
John C. Carter        
John Chason        
Ellis Davis        
John Davis, Sr.        
Marmaduke Dickson        
Dr. Horace Ely        
Miles Everett        
Francis M. Farley        
Samuel B. Gammon        
Thomas N. Gautier        
Peyton Gwin        
Samuel (William) Harrison        
John W. Hartsfield        
Dr. Thaddeus W. Hentz        
W.H. Hinson        
J.B. Justiss        
W.O. Kincey        
Rev. R.C.B. Lawrence        
Arthur Lewis (Sr.)        
Felix H.G. Long
Dr. Nicholas A. Long
Israel McBright
W.L. McKinley
Adam McNealy
Alex Merritt
C.R. Moore
Nicholas Morgan
Milton Mosley (Mosely)
John T. Myrick, Sr.
John T. "Jack" Myrick, Jr.
Charles Nickels
Woodbury "Woody" Nickels
Rev. E.B. Norton
James (Daniel) O'Neal
Frederick R. Pittman
Walter J. Robinson
H. Sewell
Henry Stephens (Stevens)
Solomon Sullivan
Peter Taylor
Charles Tucker
Charles Tucker (from Quincy)
Hinton J. Watson
O.M. Watson
John B. Whitehurst
Dr. W.S. Wilson
William B. Wynn
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