Battle of Marianna Monument
Located at Confederate
Memorial Park in downtown
Marianna, the monument
pays tribute to the local men
and boys who defended the
Marianna Day, 2012
The Battle of Marianna, Florida
Copyright 2012 by Dale Cox
All Rights Reserved

Last Update: July 22, 2012

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Marianna Day will be observed this year on Saturday, September 29th.


Other events, including memorial services and tours are planned. Please check back here for
more information over coming weeks.

For many years, Marianna Day was observed with reverence in towns across Florida. Even in
large cities like Miami, it was an important date on the calendar each year and often received
front page newspaper coverage. The tradition faded over the years until the anniversary of the
battle was barely even remembered in Marianna itself.

That loss of memory began to reverse itself a few years ago with the revival of Marianna Day in
the community.